Do Some Early Spring Cleaning: Maintaining and Refurbishing Old Content

Out with the Old, in with the New?

Check Box SEO Content

(February 18, 2015) – The idea for this blog post came about when working on a landing page for SVG’s site in 2015.

The question that came up was: is it better to refurbish old content or scrap it and start over? 

There are a few ways to look at it.

Is there still some useful, quality material in the old content? 

If not, it’d be wise to just scrap it and create a new piece of content. 

But if it does contain some useful, quality material, then refurbish it! 

In fact, Google (in terms of SEO, visibility, search rankings, etc.) likes to see that you’re taking the time to maintain your old content, and it’s always a good thing to be on good terms with Google.

The Why and How of Cleaning Up Your Dusty, Old Content

In Rock the Deadline’s “Use the ‘4 Rs’ to Get More Mileage Out of Your Older Content,” repurposing, recycling, re-promoting, and refreshing are discussed.

Refreshing stood out to me, in keeping with the idea of this post.  Instead of throwing out great old content, take what’s there, dust it off, and give it a new coat of paint.

  • Update images if they are somewhat out of date or irrelevant
  • Update a topic with new information if facts, ideas, etc. have changed since it originally went up
  • Delete content that is no longer relevant or applicable
  • Add links to newer content
  • Add new content, from a paragraph or two of new writing to some video content you may have produced recently and so on

Those are just a few steps to take to help ensure that your content is always relevant, useful, and of the highest quality. 

Spring is almost here, so why not start your cleaning early?