Who Is Video Content For?

We commonly talk about the structure, design, and implementation of social marketing videos on this site. Analyzing and illuminating the aspects and attributes of online content is certainly important when thinking about your marketing agenda. But a larger question looms behind the analysis: Who is for web video for?

This is a more complicated question than it seems. It applies in the sense of ‘What organizations, people, or companies ought to utilize it?’, but it’s also pertinent in addressing who (or what) is the targeted audience base for the content you create. The first aspect of this question deals with the realm of implementation, and the second in the realm of strategy.

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be addressing these two ideas. It can be a challenging task to determine whether social marketing videos, or web content in general, is the right fit for your company or institution. All the talk in the world about the merits of video content still might not answer whether it’s useful in helping achieve your specific marketing goals. Similarly, the impetus behind a social marketing video or campaign might be discovered in discussing what your targeted audience might be.

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