DSLR Video Production Series

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Each round of interns for Skillman Video Group is asked to produce one video project of their own during their time alongside the Boston video production team. This term’s round of interns decided to create a two part series explaining and presenting different technical details regarding DSLR video production. The intent was to create a series of videos that can enhance the DIY group of people attempting professional DSLR video production. In order to attain this professional standard, two crucial aspects require greater attention to detail in regards to DSLR cameras- lighting and audio. Being a professional Boston video production team, we understand that with professional grade cameras, lighting and audio are crucial. With that said, DSLR video production is a tad more finicky considering the lower abilities that a DSLR camera possesses. This two-part video series that the interns created is designed to enhance the DIY experience for DSLR video production for the beginners or the professionals jumping into the DSLR game and video production services.

How to Shoot with a DSLR Camera

Lighting is the foundation of photography or videography. Without it, you’re not going to be able to see anything without an infrared camera. Since DSLR videography requires extra attention to the lighting of Boston video production, DSLR video production, Video production services, DIY lightinga scene, one of the topics represented in this DSLR video series is about how to effectively light a scene effectively with the use of common household items. In this video, we explained how to position clamp lamps, wall lamps, and natural lighting from the windows to show other DSLR video producers how to better light a scene when in indoors using these common items when pursuing their video production services.

How to Record Sound on a DSLR Camera

The second video topic we covered is audio. Audio is perhaps the greatest technicality lacking in DSLR cameras, which is the reason the interns wanted to create a descriptive tutorial about how to accommodate to create a professional sounding video. Mirroring the flow of the lighting tutorial, the video goes into detail about how DSLR videography requires the assistance of mics and sound recorders Boston video production, video production services, DSLR video production, DIY audioapart for the one’s built into the camera itself and how DSLR video producers can achieve professional sound. DSLR mics are fairly poor and will not capture professional grade audio. The video uses the Zoom H4n to showcase a typical sound recorder used in placement of a DSLR camera’s sound recorder and how to attach this piece to the camera. Since DSLR audio takes a lot of technical detail and attention, this video required the use of voice-overs explaining the processes, and options for attachments and cords and how to properly attach them.

DSLR video producers need to pay closer attention to some of the details when it comes to creating and capturing high-quality video production services. Lighting and audio are two major aspects of any kind of videography, though when it comes to DSLR shooting, they take even more prevalence. DIY videography is a tediously technical, especially in regards to the lighting and audio aspects. With this two part series, SVG hopes to be a Boston video production team that encourage and guides DSLR video producers towards higher quality projects while reaching a broader audience in video production.

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