Fischbach & Moore: Editing & Finishing

Last fall, Skillman Video Group shot footage for electrical contracting group, Fischbach & Moore. We worked with the company to understand their core competencies and company culture, and captured footage of nine employee interview and B-roll that showcased the range of Fischbach & Moore’s work and their employees’ passion for what they do.

Our editing & finishing process takes this seemingly disparate raw footage and creates a narrative that captures the essence of the company through the lens of its key values and competencies, in a concise, polished, and stunning video.

Editing & Finishing: True Grit

Our goal when editing Fischbach & Moore’s video was to capture grit. Part of this happened inherently when shooting our footage, but when bringing the video together, color, music, and graphics worked to amplify this characteristic.

Corporate-sounding stock music wasn’t the route to go in Fischbach & Moore’s brand video. Instead, we chose music with electric guitar and a rocking, gritty feel to match Fischbach & Moore’s employees and the kind of work that they do. We worked with a colorist to create an atmosphere that matched, and our angular graphics and font mimicked the technical nature of electrical contracting.

On a practical note, because we shot outside in real construction zones, the background sound in many of our videos was sometimes distracting and made it difficult to understand the people that we interviewed. To resolve this, we hired an audio engineer to minimize this background noise and create a clearer, crisper audio track.

Working between our interviews and supplementary footage, we created a steady cadence between talking head and B-roll, which allowed the viewer to fully engage without distraction, and focus on the key messages of the video.

We think our brand video for Fischbach & Moore came out great, and, most importantly, our client was thrilled with the result.

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