How a Colorist Can Bring Your Video to the Next Level

Post-Production Colorist

What Is a Colorist?

The first thing you may be wondering is: what exactly is a colorist and what do they do?  Before diving in, this video is a good primer, visually illustrating the role of a colorist.

A colorist would be hired for a video’s post-production, brought on-board to work with the director and/or producer to see what they are trying to communicate in their video.  Through color correction and grading, a colorist is able to make footage match perfectly from shot to shot, which leaves the video with a more consistent vision.  This also makes the images pop in ways that weren’t possible before.  A colorist is also able to add effects and fix problems like over-exposure or under-exposure.

The Importance of a Colorist

To put it simply, a colorist makes your video better.  Overall, they add value to a project and can take a video from good to great.  These days, with the importance of online video content steadily rising, you may need more than a great idea to stand out from the pack.  If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, it might be worth it to hire a colorist to take your video to the next level visually.  It will only make you look better and will be a sure sign of dedication, craft, and professionalism.

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