Four Reasons To Make A Social Video (Part One)

I am guessing that you are among the 200 million monthly viewers of watch video on the web. You have probably noticed that everyday more companies are posting video content. It’s become a powerful tool for marketing more than just deodorant. Are you missing out on video marketing? If you have your doubts about creating social videos for your company, read on.

Reason #1 – A Massive Audience

In the first quarter of 2011 there were 800 Million views of branded videos. If you are not producing at least a couple of your own branded videos, then you aren’t taking advantage of that potential audience. Even if you do B2B work or other specialty services and products, there is an audience out there that you aren’t reaching. If your video is only targeted at a small audience that’s even better. You might only get a 1000 views (which is minuscule compared to Rebecca Black), but more of those 1000 viewers will be interested in your company because you are speaking directly to their interests.

Are you attracting the best candidates for jobs? Are there B2B customers you haven’t tapped yet? Are your lectures being seen online? A few targeted video efforts will win you a valuable piece of the 800 million views.

Reason #2 – A Friendly Face

If you still shop at the Ma-And-Pop Hardware store down the street instead of the city-sized Lowes in the minimall, you know that seeing familiar, friendly faces is worth more to you than a President’s Day Sale and self scan checkout. The same logic applies to your potential B2B customers, recruits, students, and so on. How can you give them the feeling of a face-to-face interaction at a neighborhood store when you are 2000 miles apart?

Try a video. Introduce yourself. Talk about what you do. Tell your audience how you can help them. Be personable. Skillman Video Group can make it easy for you.

If you help someone fix a window with a free online video, they will come back to you for a number of related  services. If ten companies have a website advertising their services, but only one includes an approachable, helpful, honest person on video, that company is going to get the business.

We’ll discuss two more reasons for you next time, if you still need convincing.