Four Reasons To Make A Social Video (Part Two)

Last time I suggested that you can reach a new audience with a social video and that showing your face on the web could create trust. Why else would you want to make a social marketing video?

Reason #3: Show, Don’t Tell

So you’ve advertised your service on your website, and boasted your daily achievements in your blog, and pitched at sales meetings. Maybe you feel like your potential customers and client still aren’t seeing your company’s work. If only you could show them somehow…

Video is a visual medium where you can SHOW not just talk about your company. With a 10-second shot you can tell your audience more about what you do than you can in a 10 minute pitch. For example you can show how students learn at your school instead of writing a book on it. Or you can show how to fix a window instead of writing a manual.

When you talk about data, and figures, and numbers to a client don’t you use charts and graphs? Why not use video when talking about your work? A video is worth  thousand words.

Reason #4: Fun

Making Videos is fun. Our clients always have a good time. It a pleasant change of pace from their usual work day. It also allows them to be creative in new ways by brainstorming story ideas, writing pitches, etc. Even the most awkward, camera-shy people are surprised to see that it’s not that hard to appear on-screen.

Some of our clients have used blooper reels from our productions at company events and given awards to their best on-screen talent. Call Skillman Video Group and let us help you take a break from work while marketing your company.