Go Green!

SVG Crew interview a ZS Associate Partner with a set up in their own conference room!

SVG Crew interview a ZS Associate Partner with a set up in their own conference room!

We’ve got a question for you — How can a national company, which has many employees and offices throughout the United States, produce a corporate video that interviews and presents its associates to appear to be talking in the same place? They’d either have to spend a fortune to fly everybody to the home office, and then film and edit everyone at one central location. OR, they could go green!

Late this spring ZS Associates, a Chicago based firm, decided to produce a video of their associates from all over the country. They hired Skillman Video Group (SVG) to shoot (cameras only ) some of their top Boston area employees. We went to their office, brought along our green screen, and were set up for the day in their conference room. The lighting was a bit tricky, as light and sound in office spaces often need a professional touch to get things just right. Key staff members in the office were interviewed sitting before the green screen, so that the post-production editors could edit-and-paste the same background behind every subject.

What really sets this project apart for us is that throughout the day, right there in their conference room, we were able to send sample clips to their post-production house in Chicago. We were able to do retakes and make adjustments based on their real time feedback. By the end of the day they had all the footage so their post-production crew could do their editing magic. And all it took was a day and a very green screen. Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.