Green Screen Shoots Revisited: What You Can Do With Green Screen Footage

Earlier this week we posted about a green screen shoot Skillman Video Group executed for Salt PR. We touched briefly upon the application of green screens, how they are becoming more the norm for current web based video production, as well as how essential it is to properly set up a green screen shoot. That being said, it only makes sense that we would actually show you some finished content to give you a better idea of what you can do with green screen footage.


Utilizing the "Lower Third" setup.

Click for the video!

In the video provided, we see a short clip (a small segment from the shoot earlier this week in fact!) that utilizes the Chroma Key editing features of Final Cut X. The first example is the basic footage, unedited. The next clip is that same footage, but with a background that has been “keyed out” (replaced for something else). The following clip is the original footage, this time with moving backgrounds, presenting a Ken Burns like effect. Moving forward, we have a “lower third” version of the segment, in which we reduced the size of our subject and added a subtitle. This particular style is similar to many documentaries or commercials you may see today. The last alteration is the lower third version once more, only this time over additional video footage – more structured like a newsworthy video piece.

It really is quite amazing how versatile your production can become when adding the element of green screen footage. Rather than just “talking to the camera,” we have a more engaging, vivid piece that pulls audiences in, allowing for a clearer message. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do with a green screen.

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