Google+ outranks rivals in SEO

(January 6, 2012) – Recently, a blog posted on the site outlined the effectiveness of Google+ in SEO.

When a company or individual name is searched, their Google+ page outranks Twitter, Facebook, and many of their competitor social media sites in the results. While this information may be bad news for Facebook and Twitter, the blog outlines the tools used by Google+ that you can apply to help with your business’s online appearance.

For obvious reasons, a Google+ page is the top result in a search done on their parent company’s search engine, Google. Visiting someone’s Google+ page (as opposed to their Facebook or Twitter) ensures the company is more popular and retains more of it’s users, which leads to more advertising and prestige.

And while this method may seem to only benefit Google, you can use it to your advantage to enhance your online presence and SEO. When most people use a search engine, they turn to Google. In fact, according to some statistics, more than 1 billion Google searches are performed per day. With all that site traffic, having a Google+ account that shows up early in the search results, before other social media sites, can really help your business. The faster a potential customer can find you, the better.

With Google having a hold on the search engine market, it’s no surprise that their social media site, Google+, would rank higher in SEO than their competitors like Facebook and Twitter. But there are several other reasons why this site has better SEO standings, and it has little to do with their parent company.

As the blog outlines, there are 6 main reasons Google+ ranks higher, including the amount of indexable content the site has and the use of internal linking to maximize the number of people connected. Making the most of these built-in advantages of Google+ can be beneficial to your business, providing more information to your customers, partners, or clients.

Check out the original blog post on Google+ and learn more about the strategies the site uses to optimize SEO. Consider adding this newer social media site to your company’s online roster to garner more attention online.