SEO for Google vs. YouTube

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

At SVG, one of our principal practices is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For our business, a Video Production Company in Boston, SEO is a way to distinguish ourselves from others. The most important aspect of SEO is to establish a network that allows viewers to be able to locate your website based off of what they type into the search bar. This can be done through an active social media presence, which allows you to be in control of your own narrative and the message you wish to communicate.

The two search engines that dominate the Internet are, unsurprisingly, Google and YouTube. While every business is different, they share a common goal: to attract as much traffic to their websites as possible in order to increase their ranking in search results. In doing so, they create a semblance of trust between their business and the public. For example, not only does SVG offer Video Production Services, but we also strive to inform other business owners about the intricate characteristics of video marketing – both for Google and for YouTube.

Google SEO Guidelines 2017

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A good way to know which keywords are right for you is understanding which phrases are most pertinent to your business. Once these have been determined, the content of your website is able to shape itself around the keywords. This is content that will continue to garner, and, ultimately accumulate enough views to put your website on Google’s first page of results. Keywords and phrases pertain to what one might type into the search engine, and placing them throughout your website prompts Google’s response. Not only is this influenced by the amount of key words that are present, but also by the amount of times the link is clicked. However, the trick to a successful SEO practice is that the links that are present within your website must lead viewers to what they might be looking for. It is important to keep in mind that they depend on the continual distribution of relevant content, rather than click bait or something they are not looking for.

SEO for YouTube Channel

Optimization for YouTube is a unique form of video marketing. The process is similar to Google in that it also utilizes keywords and phrases in order to determine which videos will appear first in the search results. This aids in the possibility that your website will appear, as the more content your business has to offer increases the probability of possible website views. YouTube is also effective in that it allows a viewer to move directly from a video to your actual website. This gives you the control over what the viewer sees, where you want them to go, and how they should get there. Additionally, in light of the rapid shift towards a visual world, to produce material through YouTube is a choice that will widen the scope for viewership, as it has a higher chance of reaching a younger audience. YouTube is also optimized for mobile phones and other technology, which also increases your accessibility and overall presence as a company.

YouTube is undeniably important. It is a way for viewers to see the tangibility of your business. It gives them the chance to see what they are looking for. YouTube also feeds into Google’s SEO, which increases the likelihood of your success. Above all, Google values a reputable website. By giving Google credible material to advertise, you form a mutually beneficial relationship, which boosts not only Google’s reliability, but yours as well.

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