How to increase video view through rates

Now that you most likely have a video, you now should be asking “Is my video being watched all the way throughout?” What you are looking for is your “Video View Through Rate.” This is the number of videos watched divided by the number of impressions. We have come up with a few tips that can help your video be seen all the way through.

When you want to increase your “Video View Through Rate,” you want to first be sure that you optimize the title to entice viewers. This will help catch the eye of your viewers when you come up on search engines. You want to also create an attractive thumbnail. This is the picture the viewer will see before the video has begun playing, so the better the thumbnail, the more likely they will click play. Our next tip is to not attempt to go viral. You want to be sure to go for content. Having a video that has informative and entertaining content at the same time will help viewers stay on your video. You also have to be able to catch your audience’s eye right away. The first 15 seconds are the most important, because this is where the viewer will decide if they will watch the video all the way through. Allowing users to rate and share your video will also help increase your “Video View Through Rate.” It lets the viewer give their input on the video and also tell their friends about it. The last tip we have is to be sure to include your logo in the video. It can be in the beginning, the end, or in the corner throughout your video.

These are all tips that we believe will help you increase your “Video View Through Rate.” If you are looking for ideas for your next video, watch our video on “The best type of video for online content strategy” or take a look at our portfolio. Our professional videographers are trained to create engaging high quality content. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140