High profile client Popular Mechanics Magazine hires SVG for unique shoot

High profile client Popular Mechanics Magazine hires SVG for unique shoot 1

What an exciting and busy month this has been for Skillman Video Group. Our latest shoot was one of the most unique and fun experiences for the creative team at SVG. It was also one of the most high profile, working with clients who are recognized nationwide. The shoot took place at Artisan’s Asylum, the non-profit community craft studio located in Somerville. SVG was hired by Popular Mechanics Magazine out of New York City to film one of the entries in partner Radio Shack’s “The Great Create” DIY project. Using parts from Radio Shack, a requirement for the project, two members from Artisan’s Asylum- a software engineer and a robotics engineer by day- created the “Laser Harp”.

SVG was there to film two videos. First, an interview with Mark from Popular Mechanics and the inventors paired with b-roll of their fantastic creation. The second video consisted of a walking tour and explanation of what the Artisan’s Asylum is all about with co-founder Gui Cavalcanti. Filled with entrepreneurs, inventors, and hobbyists, the Artist’s Asylum breeds and nurtures ideas and helps realize them into cutting edge products and technology.

The eclectic and colorful backdrop of the Asylum made the videos sizzle with energy. SVG used two cameras for coverage and had to be quick on our feet to accommodate the vast amount of set-ups. This shooting on the fly approach proved that our team is adaptable to any situation and will do what it takes to get the best shots.

Once again, SEO played a large part in helping SVG get the gig. Popular Mechanics found Skillman Video Group through a Google search and contacted us. This is just one of the many interesting and creative shoots that fill our website’s portfolio. Looking forward to many more to come!