Capturing Creativity: SVG’s Dynamic Shoot at Artisan’s Asylum for Popular Mechanics

Capturing Creativity: SVG's Dynamic Shoot at Artisan’s Asylum for Popular Mechanics 1
Christina shoots the interview with inventors of the “Laser Harp”

A Month of Exciting Challenges

May has been an exhilarating month for Skillman Video Group, filled with unique projects and creative opportunities.

Our latest endeavor led us to one of the most distinctive and lively settings yet—Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville.

This shoot not only challenged our team but also highlighted our adaptability and creativity in a high-energy environment.

Spotlight on Innovation

Commissioned by Popular Mechanics Magazine from New York City, SVG was tasked with filming an innovative DIY project for Radio Shack’s “The Great Create” competition.

The project featured a “Laser Harp” created using components supplied by Radio Shack, showcasing the ingenuity of a software engineer and a robotics engineer from Artisan’s Asylum.

Dual Video Production

Our production included two key video segments:

  1. Inventor Interview and Demonstration: The first video captured an engaging interview with Mark from Popular Mechanics and the inventors, alongside dynamic b-roll footage of the Laser Harp in action. This segment highlighted the creativity and technical skill behind the project, bringing the invention’s details to life.
  2. Exploring Artisan’s Asylum: The second video provided a walking tour of Artisan’s Asylum, narrated by co-founder Gui Cavalcanti. This tour emphasized the community’s role as a hub for entrepreneurs, inventors, and hobbyists, and showcased how the Asylum supports the transformation of innovative ideas into tangible, cutting-edge products.

A Vibrant and Eclectic Setting

The colorful and eclectic environment of Artisan’s Asylum added a vibrant backdrop to our videos, infusing them with energy and flair.

The use of dual cameras allowed our team to capture the essence of the Asylum from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive coverage of this creative space.

Adaptability on Set

The dynamic nature of this shoot required our team to be exceptionally adaptable, often adjusting setups on the fly to capture the best possible footage.

This flexibility is a testament to SVG’s commitment to quality and our ability to meet the demands of any shooting environment.

Looking Forward

This project with Popular Mechanics and Artisan’s Asylum was not only a testament to our team’s video production skills but also a reflection of our passion for bringing creative projects to life.

We look forward to more opportunities to capture such innovative and inspiring stories.