How Smaller Sites Gain Popularity on Google

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(July 26, 2014) – Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, recently answered a question on YouTube regarding search rankings.

The question was, “How can smaller sites with superior content ever rank over sites with superior traffic? It’s a vicious circle: A regional or national brick-and-mortar brand has higher traffic, which leads to a higher rank, which leads to higher traffic, ad infinitum.”

Even though sometimes this might seem like the case, Mr. Cutts argues that the sites that provide superior content are the ones that ultimately gain higher rankings.

In other words, it is the sites that are flexible and dynamic that often find themselves ranking higher when it comes to search results.

Mr. Cutts’ argument goes further to state that sites such as Facebook and Instagram started small, but were able to adapt over time, which in turn has led to longevity.

One key word that Cutts uses is “value.” The users of your site need to find value in whatever you offer.

It is the experience the users have while visiting your site that will keep them coming back. At the end of the day, all websites and companies have a chance to succeed online.