How To Increase Video View Through Rates (VTR)

Fist a quick lesson
Video view through rate (or VTR) is a measurement of the relationship between the amount of impressions (times a page loaded with video content) and the amount of time the video was clicked and played. Video VTR takes its name from the popular term click through rate, which measures the relationship of homepage impressions (times people landed on a home page) and how many times the visitor clicked through to another page on the site. Misleadingly however, video view through rate usually refers to the amount of times a video was played, even if just for a second, and doesn’t specifically account for if the video was completed or viewed through till the end.  Video completion rate is the relationship between plays and completion.


Video view through rate is important because video is important. Video is a highly effective tool in increasing conversions and building brand trust, so anything to do with increasing a video’s effectiveness is something worth paying attention to. Even though studies show that simply having a video on your website increases brand trust and conversions even without having ever been played, the ideal goal is to compel people to click and watch your video.


So, you want some ROI.

How do you get people to click and play your video that you worked so hard on? Here are some helpful foolproof ideas.


Title and description
This is important in two realms
1. The first realm is focused on compelling the viewer to your video. To do this, add a descriptive title that isn’t too long but isn’t too vague. Add descriptive details in the description section of the video so people can have a better understanding of what they’re watching or gather additional information. This is a good area to add a link to your website or your social media.

2. The second realm is SEO. Your video should be as well optimized for search engines as humanly possible as to maximize its effectiveness potential. You want your meta-title and meta-description to be super-tuned to Google’s search engine algorithms so that anyone searching Google for anything related to the content in your video will see your video at the top of the SERP (search engine results page). This is especially important if your videos are Expertise Videos, which you can learn more about here.


Thumbnail: In the vein of attracting people to your video, visual cues are important. Pick the absolute best thumbnail you can that makes your video as interesting and compelling as possible.


Don’t try to go viral
If you do go viral, lucky you. But, intending to go viral usually results in failure. Virility by nature is haphazard and random. Go for quality, go for content. This will ensure your video will have effectiveness and be as useful to your brand and your business as possible.


Include the logo. If you’re making a video, make sure to feature your logo so that it’s beautiful and effective but not overbearing or pushy. Perhaps use a lower third, start or end the video with your logo, or even incorporate motion graphics so that the logo it’s self is responsive and comes alive.


If your video is going on your website, such as the home page, you want your video to be above the fold. This means, place your video so that on a normal screen, the video will be on the home page and seen without the viewer having to scroll down at all. This increases VTR, and the bigger the video, the better VTR, and the better conversions.


These are some useful tips in making sure your video is found, seen, watched, and well received. Though they’re extremely effective as an online marketing tool, videos aren’t easy to make, so you want to make sure your video is as well optimized, compelling, and effective it can be.