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What is trending today on YouTube, may not be trending next year, next month, or tomorrow, which is why Skillman Video Group is here to help you keep up with the evolving marketing world. When it comes to YouTube video marketing, storytelling has always been important. With that said, why not tell a story with a how-to video?

How do you Make a Good Video?

How-to videos are trending on YouTube. In fact, many brands are taking advantage of this by showing off their product and how it works. Some brands are even making smart business decisions by combining with an influencer to show off their how-to videos. A great example of this can be seen with the 12 sponsored videos created by Chobani, and yes that is the yogurt company. What makes these how-to videos standout is Chobani’s combination of its yogurt with other food products. One of the how-to videos is how to make a banana berry smoothie with Chobani yogurt, while another is how to make overnight banana berry oatmeal with yogurt. The How-To videos by Chobani are easy to follow, and most importantly quick. Another important point is that Chobani isn’t forcing the product on you. Instead the company is showing its audience the different ways the yogurt can be combined with other products.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

However, you can’t talk about How-To videos without influencers. Another important strategy Chobani made was making the content sponsored. Chobani combined its campaign with 7 other partners, including USA Wrestling and Tasty. These partners posted the videos on their Facebook pages. Since Tasty’s already has a strong following of food lovers looking for simple hacks, Chobani is able to easily reach that audience with it’s how-to video. Knowing that Tasty’s offers simple food tips and tricks, Chobani tailored the video to that audience. As a business, it doesn’t hurt to work with other businesses with an audience you are looking to attract. For both Chobani and Tasty’s it is a win win, for Chobani gains the attention of food lovers while Tasty continues to increase views and its influence on the market.

How To Video Ideas

So, what can you takeaway from Chobani? Here are some tips to remember when creating your how-to video:

  1. Make the video simple and easy to follow.
  2. Keep the video under 1:30 min.
  3. If you product works with other products, show how they work together.
  4. Don’t throw the product in the audiences face. You want to show how the product works without being forceful and talking about how “great” it is. SHOW DON’T TELL!
  5. High quality is the best quality- meaning don’t skip out on good lighting, camera stability, and sound. A video that is shaky and dark won’t perform well.
  6. Work with influencers to reach a wider audience, especially the audience that will relate to the product or service.
  7. Adapt the how-to videos to the platform it will be performing on. A Facebook how-to video may not be as long as a YouTube how-to video.
  8. Understand your audience and create a video that will relate to them most.
  9. Look at the data, and understand the social platforms that best fit your marketing video.
  10. Talk to an expert. If you want your how-to video to succeed, don’t go it alone and bring in a professional video production company.

Remember, a how-to video isn’t just limited to marketing products. You may also find it beneficial for introducing your business’ services. To learn more about how-to videos, check out our Skillman Video Group portfolio: Skillman Video Group

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