The Art of Branded Video – Part 1

branded videosBranded video is a relatively new form of  online marketing that blurs conventional distinctions between advertising and  entertainment. Branded video  is essentially a fusion of the two art forms into one marketing product intended to be distributed as entertainment and not as a blatant ad.  What makes branded video so interesting to us at SVG  is that unlike conventional forms of entertainment, the branded video content is generally  produced by a business, non-profit or corporation looking to promote a particular service or product (rather than a Hollywood movie studio  or a group of producers).  And yet because of the entertainment value of these videos, they get more play on social media outlets with limitless potential as far as reach and impact.

The first consideration when mapping out your video content strategy is what we call “timeliness”.  When developing video campaigns for social media or email marketing, it’s important to keep in mind events scheduled to happen around the time of your video launch. Are there any major events happening in your industry or in the wider culture that you can capitalize on to have your videos gain traction? Can your brand participate in a larger conversation while still achieving your marketing objectives? What events make sense for your brand to be around? What can you add to the dialogue?

From the Oscars and VMAs to the Super Bowl -to local events or happenings within your industry, there are hundreds of events where your brand can assert its creative viewpoint, and there’s plenty of talent to draw on (please read our blog post about casting corporate video productions). It’s a marketers job to determine which are appropriate for your brand and will help you reach your ultimate objectives.  The Boston video producers at Skillman Video Group will be able to help you determine what content strategy is best for your industry based on your goals and budget, then work with you to develop the scripts, book the talent (whether professional or amateur), then shoot and edit your videos.

Check back next week to see more of our tips on creating effective branded video content for your business or organization.   SVG is a Boston video production company specializing in corporate video and video marketing.    Please call 1-800-784-0140 to learn more!