Inside the SVG Internship

I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to hear back after sending in a resume and cover letter to the Craigslist ad that was recruiting video production assistants for Skillman Video Group. Promptly after and to my surprise, I received an email requesting a phone interview. Soon after that, an in-person interview and I was accepting Boston video production, professional video production, production assistant bostona part-time position with SVG, a reputed Boston video production company in Faneuil hall. That was three months ago and after making it through an extremely confusing and tiring period of my personal life, I am grateful for the experience I have gained in professional video production and hopeful for the opportunities that await for me. If you are considering applying for the Boston production assistant role at SVG, here are three things you should know, from an intern himself.

1. You’re going to Write- Hello, portfolio

I wasn’t expecting to write so much, I’ll be honest. But I can say now, I am so thankful for the experience and skill I have developed through my blogging and copywriting tasks given to me at SVG. Whether it was about digital marketing strategies, production shoots, or Boston video production, I wasn’t only learning a highly marketable skill, I was learning about these topics that I wanted and needed to know in order to call myself a digital marketer. I thought I knew enough about SEO to dance my way around a conversation pertaining to it, but after the experience I learned there was still much to know and practice before I could say I understood it. Now I do, and that is in high demand in today’s applicants for full time jobs.

Furthermore, I now have a long set of personally produced pieces that I can show to potential hiring managers. I now have a portfolio, not just a resume.

2. You will produce a video- Again, portfolio, hi

This was the most exciting and compelling part about the internship. Each round of interns are asked to create their own short video. When I saw this, I knew that it was going to be a valuable experience, one that I wasn’t only going to be able to learn from but be able to take something away with me. I wasn’t only going to gain valuable and hands-on experience in Boston video production, but in my own production. Like my writing samples, I now have a video that Kristen (the other really cool current intern) and I can say we created, shot, and edited that I can present to potential hiring managers. This project should be taken seriously and treated with diligence. It’s not everyday that you – a potential amateur to the professional video production world – will have the resources and creative freedom to produce a video.

3. You should make friends

When I say you should make friends, I mean that the relationships that you may make here should be made as more than an opportunity to make connections for future or professional career breakthroughs. Boston video production, professional video production, production assistant BostonYou should make friends here because the people here are good. Whether you’re chatting with Christina about waiting tables as an early twenty-year old, helping Chuck remember your name for the tenth time in a day, or assisting Jake with a C-stand, engage with the people solely to be a helping asset to each of the projects you are a part of and to make friends with them. Trust me, it will be worth your time and energy.

The end is bittersweet. My time here at SVG was truly valuable and appreciated. I look back on this experience with full confidence that it has acquired me with essential skills and knowledge in order to make me a stronger candidate, smarter marketer, and better person. On the front page of the website, SVG’s slogan states, “from concept to content”. This is their for their clients, to showcase how they take a Boston video production, professional video production, production assistant Bostondeep, personal, and mentoring approach to clients and their ideas. Though it’s not only clients that gain from this “concept to content” approach. In the same way, as an intern and the experience as a whole, it was “concept to content”. It was fun, it was personal, and I was mentored. And now, I can say I was a PA for a professional video production company in Boston.

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