My Internship Experience at SVG

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Hi! My name is Kristen, and I have been interning with Skillman Video Group since October of 2017. Before starting this internship I only had experience in Marketing. I came into this opportunity hoping to learn more about the video production industry and the behind the scenes of production. I have spent the last three months diving into the world of video production services and learning all about the production
Video Production Internshipprocess. Leaving this internship I am happy to say I have learned loads about the industry and had a great time along the way.

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Working on the shoots was a great experience. On my first video shoot with SVG, I worked on an interview for Pomona College at MIT. I got to experience setting up the shoot and asking the interviewee questions. It was really cool that on my first shoot I was given such a big role. It allowed me to become more familiar with interviews and making them more conversational. It also helped me get the confidence to be able to be on screen myself, and know how to create a nice interview. I also worked on a video shoot for Carlisle and Company. Each shoot that I worked on was different from one another. It was interesting to see the full process of the shoot take place. Working with different companies on their corporate video ideas means understanding what it is they do. In my time with SVG I learned about the automotive after sales industry and Mechanical Engineering.

Boston Video Production Internship

Video Production Internship

One of the biggest parts of this internship was writing. Each week we would construct about three different pieces for the websites. We focused on key parts of marketing and different aspects of video production.This allowed us to learn more by doing the research and transforming it into a blog for our target audience. With each post we got to get creative and intrigue the audience to continue reading. Adding pictures that would help keep the focus of our audience was a fun part of the creation process. Creating blogs and landing pages each week really helped me improve my writing skills, as well as created a nice portfolio of work for references.

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Video Production Internship

My favorite part of the internship was being able to work on Skillman Video Group’s first ever Music Video. Being behind the scenes and seeing all the work that was put in to create the story to fit the song was a great experience. The full day shoot was very cold but fun. We worked with a professional videographer, gaffer, stylist, and hair and makeup artist. It was cool to be a part of such a large shoot, and getting to see how each person plays their part to create the music video. I liked the creative aspect of this shoot, and hope to do more work like this in the future.

I really enjoyed my time working with Skillman Video Group. There are many things I have learned throughout my time with this Boston Video Production Company. I understand a lot more about the industry and how the production process works. I look forward to what will come next for me, and am very thankful for the experience I got working with SVG. I am sad the internship is ending, but I know my network has just grown a little larger.

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