Introducing Online Marketing Packages


For the first time this quarter, Skillman Video Group is offering a new service, specifically designed for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. We’re calling them our Online Marketing Packages.


What they are:
These Online Marketing Packages differ from traditional marketing services in three key ways:

1. Customization: You get to choose from tailor made blog posts, landing pages, and expertise videos or a clever combination, created and posted at a frequency of your choosing. Designed around the keywords and phrases that are the most influential to your business and your search engine rankings while maintaining exceptional intrigue and readability.

2. Reoccurring: Fresh blog posts, landing pages, or expertise videos are created and posted either once a month, twice a month, once a week— it’s all up to you. Each piece of quality content contributes to a robust online ecosystem and steady momentum up the google search results page, resulting in a more diverse, robust, and expansive online presence than ever before.

3. Affordability: Designed for the cash strapped entrepreneur or start-up, these packages offer best in the business quality with unparalleled bang for your buck. Unrivaled affordability is achieved through not only your ability to choose which options best suit you, but also — designed upon a subscription based framework — individual costs per post dwindle in comparison to the price of one-off projects. Think of it like buying marketing services in bulk. This subscription framework, in turn, equates to consistently fresh and reoccurring content — steadily building your online presence, search engine rankings, and conversions.


Blog posts, landing pages, or expertise videos — All designed around the most powerful keywords, phrases, topics, or news in your field. All content is linked and strategically search engine optimized. Finally, we distribute the content outward through your various social media channels. Don’t have all your social media channels set up yet? No problem, we’ll take care of that too.


Why we made them:
Boston is a city of great business diversity, and we at Skillman Video Group like cater to all fractions of the Boston business community. Small business is part of what makes Boston the great and innovative city it s so well known to be. Sometimes even great ideas have to fight an uphill battle, so Skillman Video Group devised a set of marketing options that are both affordable and powerful, fuel to flourish all those great ideas throughout our Brilliant city.

Take a look at our Online Marketing Packages page to learn more about how you can reap the benefits of fresh, reoccurring, on-point content.  Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140