Unveiling SVG’s New Online Marketing Package Options!


T a i l o r    m a d e    f o r    y o u r    s m a l l    b u s i n e s s .

Boston; the great city from which SVG was born, an epicenter of business innovation and diversity. We at Skillman Video Group want to give back to the Boston business community what it gave to us: a chance to shine. We’ve done business with companies large and small — though we must admit — when it comes to the smaller businesses, SVG has a soft spot.

Circa 2005, SVG found its beginnings as a one-woman operation (Christina Skillman) and has since grown into the robust company we are today. We understand what it is to be a start-up, we’re not a stranger of the struggle, and we now want to help other Boston start-ups flourish into the brilliant and successful businesses they’re waiting to be. It is precisely for this reason that we have developed a set of new Online Marketing Packages for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses — available now.

V i d e o    m e e t s    m a r k e t i n g .

Do you want to take your small business to the next level? Marketing your services, products, or brand properly is key to any entrepreneur, start-up venture, or small business owner. It is for this purpose that Skillman Video Group has created these Online Marketing Package Options. Beautiful and engaging online content — be it blog posts, landing pages, video, or a clever combination — is a powerful tool. Now, make that same content keyword rich, strategically dispersed, and periodically reoccurring, then watch your online presence, search engine rankings, and conversions grow.

With our proven video production expertise coupled with up-to-the-minute marketing prowess, these packages seamlessly marry the power of online video and intuitive market targeting. Affordable, customizable, and effective — crafted explicitly to bridge the gap between resonance and obfuscation. Skillman Video Group has the knowhow to enrich your small business and make your message heard.

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