Landy Product Videos: Editing & Finishing

Recently, Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group, shot three product videos for insurance agency, Landy Insurance. We worked closely with Landy to understand their company’s key themes and conducted three interviews with employees that communicated their unique offerings. We already had a long-term relationship with Landy, so conveying their ideas through video was a smooth process.

Our approach to editing involved transforming the raw footage we shot into short yet interesting product videos that demonstrate the key values and distinctive spirit of Landy Insurance.

Editing & Finishing: Making it Work

The biggest challenge for us during this stage was figuring out how to cut thirty minutes of raw interview footage, covering the complex topic of insurance, down to a two-minute video. The importance of communicating the intricacies of insurance in such a short time frame led to a fair amount of editing on our part. Likewise, the unscripted nature of the product videos resulted in a lot of back and forth with our client. In order to present the best product possible, our Editing & Finishing process is broken down into four rounds of revisions. We went through these four rounds for each of Landy’s three product videos.

Round #1

We first created an initial draft for review by the client that was about three to five minutes long. We made sure this draft contained only the best of the best interview content. Instead of delivering Landy the thirty minutes of raw footage we shot, we took it upon ourselves to find and deliver the best parts. Doing this leads to a higher-level conversation with our clients.

Round #2

Soon after, we received feedback from our client and collaborated with them on their artistic vision. At this stage, we were still exclusively looking at interviews and cut the video down to 1-2 minutes, keeping the footage that best conveys Landy’s message. 

Round #3

During the third round, we usually work with our client on graphic concepts, providing options for graphics that transform a company’s print brand standard into a design suited for video. Because we previously worked with Landy, there was not a lot of back and forth on graphics. One thing we were sure of was that we did not want to add flashy graphics to portray the complex nature of insurance.

Round #4

In this last round, we worked on fine-tuning and sent a final draft to Landy for approval. After completing graphics and making final adjustments to video, the piece really came together.

We are thrilled with the final result of our three product videos for Landy Insurance and our client was equally as satisfied. If you would like to work with production companies in Boston on your own project, Skillman Video Group would love to work with you! Contact [email protected]

Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants Product Video: