Building Trust Through Video: Skillman Video Group’s Partnership with Landy Insurance

working on set of product video

Skillman Video Group’s innovative video production company process offers guidance to companies so they can both realize and transform their goals into meaningful videos.

Recently, Skillman Video Group worked with insurance agency, Landy Insurance.

The work we did with Landy provides a great example of the Discovery, Strategy, Creative, and Planning phases of our process, and how they led to the Production phase to help the client develop remarkable videos.

Discovery: A Deep Dive

Our Discovery meeting with Landy Insurance gives great insight into how we learn about and connect with our clients.

Landy Insurance desired the creation of three product videos: Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance for real estate agents, E & O insurance for real estate appraisers, and professional liability for accountants.

This stage is where we did a deep dive into those three topics so we could have a greater understanding of the products Landy sells, what makes them unique, and why their clients need them.

While meeting with Landy, we became just as invested in their company as they are and understood that they heavily valued delivering strong support and broad offerings.

Strategy: So Much to Do, So Little Time

The conversations we had in the Discovery phase carried over into the Strategy stage. Because insurance is a complex industry, we discussed how we were going to fit Landy’s message into a short video.

We knew right off the bat that product videos needed to be no more than two minutes long in order to grab people’s attention.

In this short time frame, we had to answer three questions about Landy’s products, including: What is the problem? Why is it in an issue? How does the product fix customer pain points?

We also continued to have conversations about how we were going to frame interview questions with Landy employees to get purposeful soundbites that conveyed the agency’s dedication to their clients.

Creative/Concept: An Unscripted Reality

boston video production company interview

Upon clearly understanding Landy Insurance, we learned that Landy employees live and breathe insurance; they could talk to us about their work all day!

From this, we decided the videos would be unscripted. Yet, our talent still needed direction from someone who understood them and their goals. That was us!

Because we knew Landy’s key messages, we helped them navigate their interviews. This included working on fine-tuning the interview questions so they were targeted enough to get the right answers.

Planning/Pre-Production: Familiarity Means Efficiency

The Planning stage was straightforward because of two important reasons- we had a clear goal set in place because of the time we spent in the early Discovery, Strategy and Creative/Concept stages, and because we already had a strong relationship with Landy from working with them in the past.

Our familiarity with the people we were interviewing, the office environment in which we were shooting, and the exact interview shot we needed, made the process much easier.

Even though this shoot was not new territory for us, logistics were still needed in scheduling and making sure our crew was informed and able to do their job successfully. 

 Production: A WOW Performance

boston video production interview

The shoot with Landy Insurance was incredibly efficient. We had a half-day shoot and were still able to interview three people on three different products.

Because we worked with Landy in the past, we knew the exact shot we needed for the interviews. We also already knew the equipment we needed to bring to successfully get that shot, and the answers we needed from the interview.

It was a seamless production day, showing that the longer you work with us, the faster and more efficient we become at executing your message. The reason we go through this process is so we can become forever partners with our clients.

The next and final step in our process is the editing/finishing phase. In this stage, all footage is stylistically condensed into a short but impactful story that represents the supportive essence of Landy Insurance.