LED Lights and Web Video: Making Video More Accessible

LED Lights

The Movement Towards LED Lighting

If you’ve never handled film studio lights, let us assure you of a few things. These lights are heavy, require some of training to operate, and you’re rarely one hundred percent certain if plugging in an extra light will blow a fuse or cause everyone in front of the light to sweat like they just drank a bottle of sriracha. The long and short of using these lights is that they can look beautifully cinematic, but they’re also cumbersome. We at Skillman Video Group like to empower clients who want to do some in-house production with the tools to succeed, and the first step to success in video is lighting.

The Benefits of LEDs

People in the film business have been ecstatically curious about the proliferation of LED lighting over the last few years. From our smartphones to our hospitals, LED lights are already pervasive, and the invention of an LED bulb that can emit blue light won the 2014 Noble Prize in physics for professors Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura. But, it might be hard to realize why these lights constitute such a valuable addition to an amateur or professional videographer’s toolkit.

LED Lights…

  • Draw significantly less current than fluorescent, tungsten, or HMI lights, which makes them more energy efficient.
  • “Throw” light very far, meaning you can light objects from far away without affecting brightness too much.
  • Waste less energy in the form of heat than other types of light, which means they wont burn your hands if you have the audacity to touch them while they’re on.
  • Cannot be beat when it comes to portability, so now you don’t have to call the chiropractor every time you pick up a kit.
  • Instantly appear at full brightness when switched on, as opposed to twiddling your thumbs for five to ten minutes while you wait to make sure everything looks right.
  • Have extremely easy to use dimmer and color temperature settings. Do you need to make the light look the flourescent bulbs you have around your office? LED makes virtually any color temperature setting possible.

LEDs and Web Marketing

All of this is to say that LED lights make lighting, especially lighting for web video, more accessible and easy for everyone. That’s why we strongly reccommend the use of LED Lights in order to make your web content appear more porfessional. And, for those of us trained in the old school of studio production, a shiny, new world of lighting design has been illuminated. Now, it’s easier for us to create content that fits with the bright vision of your organization’s current and future online content.

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