Legal Marketing Video @ Fields and Dennis

Christina takes a moment to pose before we role cameras on our legal Videomercial.

Christina takes a moment to pose before we role cameras on our legal Videomercial for Fields and Dennis.

This week we shot a legal marketing video at Fields and Dennis, a family law and estate planning firm. This was another example of our quick and easy  production approach like our work here. We shot a short one minute video in just a couple hours at the firm’s offices.

First impressions are everything in marketing, so it’s important to introduce yourself on your website. A short video gives a friendly face to your company, introduces visitors to your services and indicates that you take what you do seriously enough to invest in a video production. More and more companies are creating video content, and it is quickly becoming a standard marketing tool. If you make a short and sweet video it will entice viewers to read more about what you do and ultimately contact you.

The client had prepared a short script, but when we shot it, the video was about 2 minutes long. Over the course of several takes we worked with the client to cut the video down to one minute. That’s the perfect length for a quick introduction. We like to call these short marketing pieces Videomercials.

Check out other examples of Videomercials on SVG’s portfolio page. Here are a few more reasons you might want to invest in a Videomercial for your company.