Live Feed Webcasting for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!


Today, The Skillman Video Group team tackled a new project: live webcasting a shoot for an event run by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB is a United States federally governed organization that has only recently been conceived, set up, and implemented. The bureau seeks to clarify loan applications and protect consumers from overly complicated legal jargon and predatory lending. Aptly, their motto is “know before you owe”.

Our shoot today was a unique one. We at Skillman Video Group often shoot live events, however today’s event wasn’t only to be shot and recorded, but live streamed to the internet in real time. This feature adds complexity and because of the extremely minimal if not nonexistent wiggle room for editing errors out in post production, everything needs to function properly and run seamlessly. This adds an intensity, and to avoid errors, preparation, planning, and expertise are key. There are multiple moving parts to an operation of this complexity, and coordinating them all properly takes a professionals’ touch.


This shoot had multiple cameras, allowing for multiple camera views, and depending on the speaker, individual cameras had to change position and augment their shot near constantly. So as to avoid ugly and unstable shots of a moving camera while a videographer is looking for a steady and well framed shot, the picture being fed to the webcast had to switch from the moving camera to an alternate stable camera shot. This requires employing a switch board and an operator who can direct the multiple videographers, decide when to switch shots, and a knowhow of execution so that the entire operation is as seamless as if we had edited it to perfection in post production.

All in all, the shoot today went without a hitch, and we at Skillman Video Group are proud with our performance. It is this level of expertise, know how, and high calibre execution that solidifies Skillman Video Group as Boston’s premier video production company. To see more pictures of our shoot visit our Facebook page photo stream. Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company.  Please call us at 1-800-784-0140 to learn more.