Management Consulting Company Promotional Video Series

Some companies are complex, offering a variety of products and services in several distinct areas. Each service that your company offers has a unique target audience, and reaching out to these customers is what brings you the business that allows your company to thrive.

For a more human approach to marketing, video offers an excellent venue to communicate exactly what makes your company so exceptional.

For a complicated company, to explain your business in text can lead to long, wordy pages that can be hard to make your way through – a potential client may even lose interest before making their way to the part that is most relevant to them. Video provides a concise, engaging way to reach and connect to  your market, through your company website, on social media, or even at live events.

Management Consulting Company Promotional Video Series 1

Christina Skillman and Chuck Green behind the camera.

Last week, Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group produced an all-day shoot with management consulting company, L.E.K., in downtown Boston. The shoot comprised of ten interviews with upper-level employees at the company, specializing in subjects ranging from oil and gas, to health care, to Pride at L.E.K. Present at the shoot were videographer Chuck Green, an audio specialist, CEO/Creative Director Christina Skillman, who conducted interviews, and intern/production assistant Lydia Gyurina.

We came to the shoot prepared with a call sheet, which included details for the crew members, such as start times and shot specifications, as well as interview questions. The interview questions were developed during the Discovery phase of our process, during which we learned from L.E.K. the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how’ of what their company does. We used this information to shape the interview questions, which we use instead of a script, allowing the talent to feel and appear more relaxed and comfortable. During the shoot itself, the questions were used to guide the shoot, going off-book as was natural.

Management Consulting Company Promotional Video Series 2

Christina consulting with talent before interview. Neutral density (ND) film covers the window.

Our shooting location in downtown Boston was in front of a large window, with a view of the city behind us. In order to correct for the difference in brightness between the window and the interior of the room, we covered the windows with a neutral density film, which made the windows appear darker on-camera (similar to tinted car windows). We also added lights, and corrected shadows and reflections using black wrap, or dense black fabric. We shot using a Sony FS7 in 4K, which allows for more flexibility in post-production to produce a sharper 1080p export. For sound, we used both a boom mic and a lavalier (clip-on) microphone.

In post-production, we will edit each video down to two to three minutes, and also produce a thirty-second “teaser” clip to introduce each video. We will then add music, graphics, and B-roll, or intercut supplementary footage. L.E.K. plans to use our video for their social media, website, and at meetings and other events. We look forward to the completion of this project!

If your company is searching for exceptional  video marketing content, Skillman Video Group is here to turn your company’s vision into personal and engaging video. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.