The Essential “B-Roll”

B-roll is one of the most essential parts of any professional video; however it is probably the area that is least thought about!!  What is it?  In the video production industry, “B-roll” refers to additional video clips that supplement and add to the main purpose of the video.  You see it all the time in the news.  For example, when a journalist is interviewing a firefighter about a home burning down, the B-roll is the video that is shown of the actual fire while you can hear the firefighter speaking underneath it.  The video of the firefighter speaking on camera is the “main” footage, and the video of the burning house is the “B-roll”.

So what kind of B-roll would enhance YOUR professional video done with Skillman Video Group?  When creating a video to market and represent your company, think about what other visual images can further your message and really drive the point home to the viewers.  It is important that the images are not chosen at random, but directly correspond with what is being spoken in the video.  (ex. Fireman speaking about a fire, B-roll of the burning house!)  When Skillman Video Group does a video where B-roll is incorporated, we’re always thinking about what images can supplement the message and welcome our clients feedback about what is the most important images to capture, and what is best left out.  Here are just a few examples from us how you can enhance your video with B-roll (just to get your ideas rolling):

  • When explaining how to do something in a training video, like repairing brakes on a car, have some B-roll of someone actually replacing the brake pads to better demonstrate the process to the viewers at home watching it on their computer or TV.
  • If you are a lawyer describing your legal techniques, then shots of a courtroom, legal papers, or you in your office on the phone would be appropriate B-roll.
  • When describing your company as a whole, then shots of your current office, signs, or the people working in it will supplement the “talking head” interview
  • A tour video would not just include one person describing a company or a campus, it would include shots of the buildings, scenery, and notable sites with the audio from the interview underneath

B-roll is any image you want it to be as long as it supplements what is being said by the person being interviewed or speaking on camera.  It is yet another option you have in creating your ideal professional corporate video!  Adding B-roll footage to your video will take full advantage of the visual medium and professionals at Skillman Video Group know how to use it so your corporate video will have the best possible effect on your clients!  Contact us today to find out more!!