Combating Ebola: Inside Boston Children’s Hospital’s Bio-Containment Medical Training Video Series

Boston medical training video

Skillman Video Group (SVG) teamed up with Boston Children’s Hospital on a critical mission: to create a comprehensive medical training video series focused on the bio-containment of the Ebola virus.

This high-stakes project demanded meticulous attention to detail, extensive collaboration, and a deep understanding of complex medical procedures.

Behind the Scenes: Intensive Pre-Production

The journey began with an intensive pre-production phase, where SVG immersed themselves in the world of bio-containment protocols.

Despite not being medical professionals, the team dedicated over 40 hours to researching, attending client meetings, and collaborating with hospital staff to create accurate and informative scripts and shot lists.

This collaborative effort was essential to ensuring the videos accurately reflected the hospital’s stringent procedures for handling and containing the deadly virus.

Every step, from patient intake to lab testing and decontamination, was carefully documented and translated into actionable instructions for hospital staff.

Lights, Camera, Action: A Three-Day Production Marathon

Medical training video

The production phase was a whirlwind of activity, spanning three days and encompassing various hospital locations, including labs, the emergency room, simulation labs, clinics, and conference rooms.

A full production crew, including a director, director of photography, audio engineer, hair and makeup artist, and gaffer, worked tirelessly alongside hospital staff and volunteers to capture every critical detail.

An infectious disease control expert was on-site at all times, meticulously reviewing each shot and line of dialogue for accuracy.

This collaborative approach ensured that the videos were not only visually compelling but also medically sound and up-to-date with the latest protocols.

Day 1: Simulation Lab and Blood Sample Preparation

The first day of filming focused on the simulation lab, documenting the meticulous process of decontaminating a room after a patient’s discharge.

The team also captured the intricate steps involved in preparing blood samples from a potential Ebola patient.

Day 2: Emergency Department and PPE Doffing

Day two took the crew to the emergency department, where they filmed protocols for protecting both staff and patients from the highly infectious virus.

The afternoon session shifted to a clinic area, focusing on the proper removal of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Day 3: PPE Donning and Lab Protocols

Combating Ebola: Inside Boston Children's Hospital's Bio-Containment Medical Training Video Series 1

The final day of filming covered the donning of PPE suits and delved into lab protocols for ordering and handling tests for suspected Ebola cases.

This comprehensive approach ensured that the video series addressed every aspect of bio-containment, from initial contact with a potential patient to laboratory analysis and beyond.

A Testament to Collaboration and Expertise

The medical training video series was a testament to the power of collaboration between SVG and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Through meticulous planning, tireless execution, and unwavering dedication to accuracy, the team produced a valuable resource that empowers healthcare professionals to effectively manage and contain the Ebola virus.

The Completed Training Video Series

Emergency Department Protocols with Suspect Ebola Patient
Ordering Testing for Ebola Patient
Specimen Collection/Transport for Ebola Patient
Cleaning the Room after Ebola Patient Discharge
Preparing to Doff your PPE

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