Professional Video Production Crew

Professional video production crewWhat do you get when you put thorough, preparation, experience, and creativity together? The answer is: a professional video production crew. When it comes to producing a video, a professional video production crew goes above and beyond a hobbyist or film student. This is not saying that these video artists aren’t skilled in their own rights, but when hiring a video producer to get your businesses’ message across the best choice is a professional video company. Each quality that’s listed below makes SVG the best video production company in Boston, MA.

Attention to Detail

Detail is an important aspect of video production. SVG is always looking at the little things to see how it will affect the larger picture. Take for instance a video shoot being done in a fully operating warehouse, and it needs to look as if it’s after-hours. We don’t just capture the bare minimal and get the typical shots, we mold the space into an effective shooting location. This means, we build sets, capture the action from creative camera angles, and shoot day-for-night. The story and message is the most important part of professional video production crewany video, and if there is a smudge on the floor or wall, a sign that needs to be covered up, or a prop that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the set, we see those things and fix them. At SVG we don’t want small details throwing off the larger picture. Our approach to video is all about perfection and reaching above and beyond the client’s goals and expectations.


Planning out every part of a video production shoot is a must. Without doing so, the crew and clients get discombobulated and it looks more like a day of Black Friday shopping instead of an organized video shoot. Planning allows our video production crew and our clients to see how the day is set-up. We are able to be prepared for anything and everything; whether it be using battery powered LED lights instead of plug ins, or getting to the filming location hours prior to call time to set the equipment up.


Boston videographerWe are a professional video production corporation that uses cutting-edge equipment including: cameras that shoot 4K, industry standard lighting fixtures, sliders, steadicams, wireless microphones, a playback screen, battery powered lights and cameras, etc. Anything you can think of our crew has, which is what separates us from other video producers. To be the best video production company in Boston, MA., you have to have the best equipment; which we do.


We know what it takes to make a creative story while also getting the message across. Our skills and experience allow us to know exactly how a video should be shot whether it be to display emotion or humor. Video producing isn’t just a hobby for us. Video producing is our livelihood, and we take every aspect of it seriously. Being a professional video production company in Boston, MA., means our work speaks for itself. Our experience, ability to pay attention to detail, plan, and wide range of equipment are what makes us a standout as a professional video production corporation in Boston.

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