How to make a Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Websites

People are always searching for what they need online no matter where they are. Phones make it so much easier for people to search on the move. Most searches today are made on an phone or tablet. That means How to make a Website Mobile Friendly 1that your website needs to be user friendly for every form including mobile use. There are many ways to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. To help reach out target market we make our Boston Production Companies site easy to navigate on mobile. In addition, Google now penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly. 

Small changes to your site and its format can make it easier for people to view and navigate on their phones. Working in the video production it is important that our site can be viewed on a phone.

Mobile Friendly Titles

Keeping your headlines short is a good way to get the attention of your mobile audience. Headline typing is usually a larger size, so having too many words as a headline could cause it to be too long to read without scrolling. Keeping the title short and simple is the best way to keep your pages organized and looking clean in mobile format. We focus our titles around out Boston Production Companies keywords and make sure to keep it short for mobile use.

Website Designs for Mobile

Big designs and backgrounds can show up on a mobile device slightly distorted. When a website is pulled up on a phone it makes it skinnier, which can make the writing of your site look unorganized. Keep it simple so your site looks professional when brought up on a mobile device. A quick way to test your websites layout is by opening your homepage (or any page) on your desk top and minimizing the width and much as you can. The layout you see is how your website looks on mobile.

Bright Button CTA

Anytime you are hoping for your audience to click into another section or fill out a form, it is important to make the button big and bright. You want it to be incising and noticeable. Make the viewer want to click it. At the end of our pages we like to add a contact form for your to submit about any video production services inquiries. 

Why is Page-load Speed important?

If your site is slow to upload you will not only lose traffic, but Google will also penalize you. If it takes too long to load a page, people viewing on phones will find a better website. You want to make sure that your site is working fast. If your site has videos, it is important to make sure you have fast speed otherwise your digital marketing strategies will be useless.

Why is Mobile Friendly Websites Important?

Making sure your site is mobile friendly will make all the difference for your online business. Mobile devices may soon become one of the only ways most people make searches. If your website is not up to date it can drive down your traffic and clicks.  

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