How to Know if your Website is in Good Shape

Is Your Website in Good Shape?

When creating a website, there are many factors that go into making that website as successful as possible. However, there are two main factors that go into keeping up a website’s traffic that often get overlooked.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rates are very important when starting a high quality website. A bounce rate is simply the amount of people who click on your website without looking at other pages or clicking out and going to a new website. Also, a low bounce rate increases your ranking on Google search results. The higher the bounce rate the worse your Google results will be. This is why it is important to have high quality information, pictures, and videos. This graph created by What is the average bounce rate?ITX Design might help you get a sense of the bounce rates that go with different types of websites. The bounce rates can always vary depending if the website is for a Boston video production company or a candy store.

Weidert states that one should aim for a bounce rate of 40% or under, and if the bounce rate is higher than 55%, one should definitely look for ways to improve the website.

An important part of keeping your bounce rate low is content. Being intuitive when it comes to potential viewers is vital. Try to make sure your website is catered to your demographic. For example, Skillman Video Group’s demographic are clients who are interested in Boston video production services. Therefore, we include plenty of photos of shoots, video examples, and location information that would interest a potential client, top information on video production services, and video marketing strategies/tips.

Keeping a bounce rate as low as possible by maximizing your content can ensure your website’s success.

How to Increase Dwell Time:

Time on pages is exactly what it sounds like. Keeping viewers on your page for as long as possible is an important goal to have for a successful website, or to maintain high Google Rankings. The longer a viewer is on your website the better it is for your business and for Google Rankings.

social media video productionOne way to keep your average session time on pages up is to keep your website mobile friendly. Ever since the smartphone was invented, people constantly use their phones to navigate the internet due to the convenience. If people can easily navigate your website on their phones, they are more likely to come back for more information when they have their laptop handy.

Videos can be an excellent tool in making sure viewers stick around. If there is one thing to learn from a Boston video production company, it is that videos are very popular on the internet. Videos are a convenient way to learn content without having to scroll through endless pages of text, and having one or two on your website would help increase dwell time on pages.

Websites may be tricky to keep up, but once you’ve tried out the best ways to maximize your content, you will find out what works best. And it will all be worth it.

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