New Social Media, Branding, and Website Services at SVG

(August 18, 2011) – Is your company or organization looking for new marketing ideas? What comes after we shoot your video?

SVG now offers a number of new services that might interest you. If you are reading this blog or following our tweets, then you have already seen a few of our new services in action.

When was the last time you updated your website?

Gitte Lindgaard of Ottawa University found that web surfers judge your website within 50 milliseconds. At that time, you have to show your visitors that you are active, up-to-date, and care about your image.

If your visitors judge your website as old and unattractive, they might go elsewhere. If your website still looks like it’s hosted in geocities, it is definitely time for an update.

Many companies update their websites every two or three years just to avoid being seen as stale. SVG can build you a new website with a content management system that allows you to integrate your video and social media campaigns.

Do you have a social media campaign?

Not only can you keep current customers up to date on new products, events, services, developments, etc., but you also show visitors that your company is active.

SVG will set up your blog, Facebook landing page, Twitter feed, marketing emails, and any other social media outlet you want to investigate.

SVG will collaborate with you to find the best social media outlets to reach your potential customers and open new markets.

Web design and social media play a huge role in our most important new service, SEO.

SVG has an SEO guru who can leverage your blog, website, and video to boost your company’s visibility on search engines. SVG can help your customers find you on the web.

SVG works with our clients to develop your brand, website, and social media to create the first impression you want.

We have the resources to give you a total marketing package—a serious advantage.