Earlier this spring a heavy manufacturing company came to Skillman Video Group (SVG) looking for some marketing video content and a new site to promote their products (which by the way is what we do!).  However, in order to understand their exact needs, we began to explore their marketing assets and found that they needed a corporate identity or “brand, that would give their start up some legitimacy and set them apart.  We also discovered that their current company name neither gave them a market identity, nor communicated the exceptional value of their product.  The creative team at SVG went to work.


SVG 1st helped rename their company by carefully discussing their technology (or product/service), customer base (market), and their business plan.   Next we  designed both a new corporate logo, and a new product logo, which opened the way in the future to develop a family of products with a similar look and feel.  Creative brainstorming was what was needed to boil down all of the concepts and features of their product into a brand symbol that visually identifies who they are, what they do and their vision for the future.


Once the name and brand symbol was approved, every product cover, advertisement, business card, power point presentation, web site design, marketing video, industry white paper or brochure can now be stamped with the same visual brand thus giving them the look and feel of a much more established company.  Through cohesive use of color, design and accurate company nomenclature every single message, printed or on line, declares at a glance the excellent identity of their product and the exceptual reputation of the company.


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