Onapsis: Editing & Finishing

Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, recently worked with Onapsis to shoot an informative interview with cyber industry expert, Dave DeWalt. Although we were under tight time constraints for the video, our adaptability and long-term relationship with Onapsis made for a smooth production process.

After the shoot, we began the Editing & Finishing process. This involved watching all our raw footage and picking out the best parts to showcase in a final short video that communicates our client’s key messages.

Editing & Finishing: Finding Opportunity

The reason our clients hire us is because we help them curate content and give them two-minutes of the most impactful content. During the first round of editing revisions, we sat down with our raw footage and listened to the whole interview, marking interesting soundbites. While listening, it became evident that the footage we captured touched upon many significant messages that Onapsis wants their core audience to know. 

Because of our work with Onapsis, we knew that one of their biggest sales pain points is that people don’t always see that their business critical applications can be hacked. Thus,Dave DeWalt interview Onapsis wants to educate people on these security risks. Additionally, when someone of Dave DeWalt’s stature speaks on the risks, it carries more weight. So, we ended up creating two different videos for Onapsis: one that covered Dave DeWalt joining the Board of Directors and one on the reasons why protecting business critical applications is important.

For both videos, there was not a ton of b-roll to include. We did, however, include brand specific graphics and added Onapsis’s brand logo watermark. Music was put in to really bring the pieces together. In the final round, we put on some finishing touches and sent the final versions over to Onapsis. We were thrilled with the results, and so was our client!

We were cast to help Onapsis create one video, but as our editors looked over the footage, we saw another opportunity to address another one of Onapsis’s biggest pain points through video. A lot of companies can not do that on their own. But, Skillman Video Group can, as we are dedicated to our clients and the relationships we form with them.

If you are interested in working with production companies in Boston on your own project, Skillman Video Group would love to work with you! Contact [email protected].

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