A Conversation with a Visionary: Skillman Video Group and Onapsis Showcase Dave DeWalt

Onapsis office

When cybersecurity powerhouse Onapsis sought to announce a significant addition to their Board of Directors, they turned to their trusted video partner, Skillman Video Group.

This project, capturing the insights of industry luminary Dave DeWalt, exemplified the power of long-term collaboration and adaptability in video production.

Agility and Experience: A Partnership Forged in Trust

Having worked with Onapsis for over a year, we understood their fast-paced culture and unique needs.

This familiarity allowed us to streamline our production process, delivering a high-quality video under an accelerated timeline.

Planning & Production: Navigating Change and Embracing Challenges

During the condensed planning phase, we collaborated closely with Onapsis to determine the ideal setting for the interview.

Shooting at Onapsis

Despite their ongoing office move, they envisioned a backdrop that showcased their Boston location.

We, already familiar with their workspace, confidently planned the shoot without needing to physically visit the new office.

Production day presented a unique challenge: capturing DeWalt’s interview in front of a large window overlooking the city.

This stunning backdrop offered a visually compelling setting but posed technical hurdles in terms of lighting.

Our experienced crew rose to the occasion, meticulously adjusting the lighting to ensure a balanced and professional look.

The Interview: A Conversation with a Visionary

With the stage set, we sat down with Dave DeWalt, ready to capture his insights and expertise.

To our delight, he was a natural in front of the camera, effortlessly articulating his thoughts and vision for Onapsis’ future.

Unlike many corporate executives who require coaching and preparation, DeWalt’s media savvy shone through, making the interview process smooth and engaging.

A Testament to Long-Term Collaboration

The successful completion of the Dave DeWalt video is a testament to the power of long-term collaboration.

Our deep understanding of Onapsis’s brand, values, and target audience allowed us to move quickly and efficiently, delivering a high-quality video that exceeded their expectations.

This project also highlights our adaptability and willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.

By embracing the challenges of a tight timeline and a unique filming location, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering exceptional results, no matter the circumstances.