Onapsis: Discovery to Production

Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production  agency, recently worked with cybersecurity company, Onapsis. They called us to help them realize and create a video about Dave DeWalt, a well-known name in the cybersecurity industry, joining the Board of Directors at Onapsis. This shoot was a great example of our adaptability, flexibility, and long-term relationships we form with our clients. We have been working with Onapsis for about a year and a half now and are very familiar with their business and target market. Onapsis has a fast-paced company culture, so we had to adapt and expedite our production process to fit their exact needs for the video.

Planning & Production: An Accelerated Process

Our long-term relationship with Onapsis made this accelerated process pretty seamless. During the Onapsis officeshort planning stages, we worked with our client to decide that they wanted an interview in their office for the video. They were moving offices at the time, so they did not want us to shoot any b-roll. We were already familiar with their workplace and the room where we would be shooting, so all planning was done without needing to physically see the office.

During the production phase, Onapsis trusted us to lead the half-day video production Boston shoot. We had a good idea of what interview questions to ask because we know Onapsis’s core values so well. We spent about ninety minutes setting up to make sure the set was perfect. We set up to shoot Dave DeWalt’s interview in front of a large window overlooking the city to take the interview to the next level. This came with its own challenges, as it is very tricky to get the lighting right on camera when shooting in front of a window.

Once the set was up to our standards, we sat down to interview Dave DeWalt. We were amazed that Shooting at Onapsishe knew exactly what to say! Normally, when filming interviews in the corporate world, a lot of people do not have much experience with the medium and need some coaching from a producer. Dave DeWalt talks to the media all the time, so he did not need preparation at all and was fantastic on camera.

Overall, Onapsis was presented with a great opportunity to interview Dave DeWalt, and our ability to pivot made it all happen. The long-term relationship we have with Onapsis made it easier for us to work on the fly, expedite the process, and adhere to their needs. We have been working with them for so long that we feel like the video arm of their marketing team, which is exactly the type of long-term relationship we like to form with our clients.