Online Marketing Packages

Video, meet marketing. Do you want to take your small business to the next level? Marketing your services, products, or brand properly is key to any entrepreneur, start-up venture, or small business owner. It is for this purpose that Skillman Video Group is offering our Online Marketing Package OptionsBeautiful and engaging online content — be it blog posts, landing pages, video, or a clever combination — is a powerful tool. Now, make that same content keyword rich, strategically dispersed, and periodically reoccurring, then watch your online presence, search engine rankings, and conversions grow. Custom made to elevate your small business. Up-to-the-minute marketing prowess coupled with our proven video production expertise, these packages seamlessly marry powerful online marketing strategy with a potential for personalization that is second to none. Affordable, customizable, and effective — Skillman Video Group has the knowhow to enrich your small business and make your message heard. Take a look at our options and additional extras below and decide which is right for you.

Online Marketing Package Options

Option 1 SVG provides content strategy and creation Collaboration with client on content outline, structure, and tone 2 keyword rich blog posts (200-300 words) generated per week Social media channels created, managed, and updated with fresh content Option 2 [Option 1 +] SVG creates 2 targeted landing pages (600 – 1000 word) per month (with SEO, internal linking, and fully keyword optimized content) Monthly reporting included with this package Option 3 [Option 1 +] SVG creates 4 targeted landing pages (600 – 1000 word) per month (with SEO and fully keyword optimized content) Bi-monthly reporting included with this package Option 4 SVG provides 100% unique and customized online marketing services including ongoing content strategy and creation, search engine optimization (both national and regional), management of pay-per-click campaigns, full management of company blog(s) and creation of micro-sites etc, social media channels are created, managed, and updated with fresh content, email marketing campaigns are created and tracked etc. Weekly meetings and reporting are included with this package.

SEO, Social Media, & Video Extras

Diversify your content. Be it by 40% or by 80%, whichever study you site, the conclusion is obvious: video increases conversions. Most effective when short, sweet, to-the-point, and reoccurring — periodically disperse them among your blog, social media channels, even your websites landing pages for a more receptive, interactive, and mindful client/customer base. Enter the conversation, provide insights that your market is searching the internet to learn about, and suddenly your business becomes part of someones solution. Decide if adding video content to your online marketing package option is a good fit for your needs. Addition 1 4 expertise videos produced every quarter. Client provides their own scripting. Addition 2 Unlimited expertise videos produced every quarter. Client provides scripting.  Addition 3expertise videos produced every quarter. SVG producers manage full video scripting and optimization of video. “Optimization” includes: landing pages, blogs, updating social media channels with video content, and podcast channel creation.

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