Press Release Video Production for Cyber Security Company

Video is immersive, engaging, and effective. If you want your Press Release to stand out, supplement it with a video. Not only will it appeal to correspondents, but it will also be more fluid. More people will share it, talk about it, and take interest than they would a pure text Press Release just filled with bulky paragraphs.

Cybersecurity company Onapsis recently gained the former Google CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) on their Board of Directors, and reached out to Boston video production  company, Skillman Video Group, to produce a video to showcase this exciting new development in their corporation.

After the discovery phase, which involved preparing the interviewees and developing interview questions to make sure the right message was being delivered, we prepared to shoot the video.Press Release Video Production for Cyber Security Company 1

The day of the shoot, we began by shooting our B-roll, or supplemental footage to be intercut with the main content, the interview. Our B-roll included staged shots of the director around a round table with company executives, and a town hall meeting of the new director. We used a high-end Sony Venice camera with a Steadicam, which allowed for smooth moving shots. Because Onapsis’ new director was to be interviewed iPress Release Video Production for Cyber Security Company 2n a room with a window behind him, we used a polarizer on the camera to help correct the exposure.

After the shoot was wrapped, we moved into post-production, which included editing the video and adding graphics, including text representations of the directors’ speech, as well as music.

Our extensive editing process includes 4 rounds of revision, soliciting client feedback every step of the way, to ensure the narrative and the visuals of the video comes out exactly how it was envisioned during discovery and pre-production.

We are incredibly happy with how this project turned out, and if you or your company are searching for a corporate video company to share your story, Skillman Video Group might be the video marketing company for you. The final video for Onapsis is displayed below!