Producing Marketing Videos for Non-Profits

Producing Marketing Videos for Non-Profits 1

SVG crew on the set at Teacher21’s HQ in Wellesley MA!

In December 2012 Skillman Video Group was hired to produce a marketing video for Teachers 21’s “Leadership Academy” aiming to train and mentor Public School Principals to enter turn-around schools in some of the State’s toughest school districts. The Leadership Academy is an extensive year long program with lots of theoretical and practical study, workshops, and weekly on-site mentoring.  The Academy only selects the best of the best in its aspiring principals and wanted to highlight the success and strength of the program to school Superintendents around the state of Massachusetts.  Understanding the power of video, the MA Department of Education encouraged Teachers21 to produce a video marketing the program, and not knowing where to turn or begin on their own – Teachers21 came to SVG!

SVG’s 1st job was to interview all the key players within the program including staff AND the program’s participants.  While in just a few minutes of meeting with the “aspiring principals” it became obvious to us that they key strength to the program is in fact the people in the program.  Simple but true!  So the direction we took for their video was relying on the strength of the participant’s stories vs relying on scripted voice overs with charts & graphs explaining the strength of the program.  That story telling aspect of video production is what SVG really excells at and ultimately is a far more compelling marketing and sales tool for any company or non-profit organization.  Don’t just tell them what you do.  Tell them who you are!  The producers at SVG can help you refine your message and help tell your story.  Call today to learn more and check back soon for more details on the Teacher’s21 video project!  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.