Production Begins on Medical Training Videos

on setThis week, Skillman Video Group began production on a video for one of our clients, Visual Foot Care, in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. SVG spent the previous weeks working closely with the client to make sure everyone would be satisfied with the planned end product – Medical Training Videos. During the week there were two full shoot days, in which we filled an office space with a few clients, freelancers, and actors. The project is a combination of this new footage and previous footage shot by another company previously.


SVG shot in North Smithfield on Monday and Tuesday, choosing to go with a working office to use as the set. This is where dressing a set becomes very important. Just take a look at our before and after pictures. The shoot was planned against a certain wall in the only room there to practically fit the set, equipment, and all of the people. As you can see, there are only some file cabinets and hooks on the wall in our before photo. IMG_2499                 IMG_2464

As seen in the after photo, it looks completely different, thanks to the chairs, the plant, the shoe rack, the screens, the frame on the wall, lighting, etc. It really shows how props and lighting can transform an area and space.


For the shoot, SVG used two main crew members: a Director and a Director of Photography.  Christina Skillman, CEO/Creative Director of SVG, was the Director, while a trusted member of the SVG team served as the DP.   Rather than renting out everything, the DP has his own set of high-quality equipment – lights, cameras, audio recorders, and more.  Once the set was properly dressed, he was able to place all of his light fixtures and achieve the look he wanted.  For the video, we used a paid actress rather than someone working within the company. While you can choose to go either way, in this case, the actress already worked on the previous videos and was able to provide a good balance between authentic and professional. Her level of comfort and ease in front of the camera spoke volumes and saved a lot of precious time.  For the second day of shooting, another actress was brought in to be the foot model.  Again, she brought an ease in front of the camera that a non-actress wouldn’t necessarily be able to bring.


One of the best and most helpful pieces of equipment on the shoot was the rented teleprompter. Thanks to this, the actress was able to quickly get through a lot of material without having to worry about ad-libbing or mistakes. The computer the program runs on was part of the rental and allowed for easy edits to the scripts and quick speed changes to help match up with the actresses’ speech rates.

This shoot was SVG’s first foray into Medical Training Videos, an exciting new venture. With those shooting days wrapped, there’s one left to go in July, all to help achieve the client’s goal of creating engaging and interesting Medical Training Videos.

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