Behind the Scenes: Crafting Visual Foot Care’s Medical Training Videos

Initiating the Project with Precision

Skillman Video Group recently embarked on an exciting project, producing a series of medical training videos for our client, Visual Foot Care, based in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Our team dedicated several weeks to meticulous planning alongside the client to ensure the final product would meet their high expectations and educational needs.

Strategic Shoot Days

Over the course of two full shoot days, we transformed a typical office space into a dynamic film set bustling with clients, freelancers, and actors.

This careful orchestration was crucial as the project involved integrating new footage with material previously shot by another company, creating a seamless blend of old and new content.


Set Design and Transformation

The location for the shoot was a working office chosen for its suitability to the set requirements, including space constraints and aesthetic potential.

Dressing a set effectively is key to creating the right environment, and our transformation of the space was dramatic.


We converted a plain office corner, previously adorned only with file cabinets and wall hooks, into a visually appealing set featuring stylish chairs, a plant, a shoe rack, decorative screens, framed artwork, and strategic lighting.

The transformation underscored the impact of proper set dressing and lighting in video production.

The Crew and Cast

The shoot was led by two main crew members: Christina Skillman, CEO and Creative Director of SVG, directed the project, while a trusted member of the SVG team took on the role of Director of Photography (DP).

The DP brought his own high-quality equipment, which included everything from lights to cameras and audio recorders, enabling him to achieve the desired visual aesthetic efficiently.

For the roles in front of the camera, we opted for professional actors rather than company staff to ensure consistency with previous videos and to maintain a high level of professionalism and authenticity.

The main actress was familiar with the project’s context, which enhanced the continuity and effectiveness of the training material.

Her comfort and poise in front of the camera significantly streamlined the shooting process.

Utilizing Advanced Equipment

A critical addition to our equipment list was a rented teleprompter, which proved invaluable.

It allowed the actress to deliver complex medical content flawlessly, minimizing the need for retakes and ensuring a smooth flow of information.

The teleprompter’s software facilitated on-the-fly script adjustments and pacing modifications, aligning perfectly with the actress’s delivery speed.

Advancing Medical Education through Video

This venture into medical training videos is a new and exhilarating development for SVG, combining our passion for video production with the impactful world of medical education.

With most of the shooting now complete, we look forward to the final shoot day scheduled for July, which will wrap up our filming efforts and move us into the post-production phase.

This project not only aims to educate but also to engage viewers, making complex medical procedures accessible and understandable through high-quality video content.