Should You Have A Creative Director?

What makes people want to watch a video? That’s a question that Skillman Video Group keeps at the forefront of its mission as a Video Production Agency

With a recent influx of business turning back to promotional video production as the pandemic ends, narrative is more important than ever. It’s going to take more than just beautifully crafted visuals to make a company stand out. In fact, the visuals provided in video are only compelling for the viewer when they have a story.

This story should be intrinsic to the company’s values and belief system. It’s what will draw viewers close. 

Therefore, a goal as important as creating a narrative for video production requires a skillset only found in a Creative Director.

Why A Creative Director?

A Creative Director is responsible for both finding a storyline but also overseeing each aspect of production to make sure it aligns and serves the overarching message.    boston video production agency owner, christina skillman, prepping clients at a shoot

Creative Director of Skillman Video Group, Christina Skillman, offers her own two cents on why hiring a creative director as part of video production is important. Skillman finds that some businesses that come to SVG are motivated by the high-quality technical skills offered by the agency. But, they forget the importance of having a message to hook their audience.

As an example, one client came to SVG and asked them to produce a 20-minute video for a product launch. The business was so concerned with how the video would look visually, they completely forgot that in order to captivate an audience for 20 minutes, there would need to be a good story at the heart of it all. 

Agency Vs. Company

For clients interested in hiring a Creative Director as part of the production process, they should begin by noting the difference between a Video Production “Company” and an “Agency”.

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A Video Production Agency will have all the bells and whistles of a video production company but with that added element of creative consultation. This ensures that the marketing aspect will be incredibly cohesive with all the creative choices. 

Who Needs One?

Skillman advises a Creative Director for clients who are looking for an extra layer of help in their creative development. A CD can bring new ideas to the table or offer their professional opinion on current creative ideas being discussed.

At Skillman Video Group, Skillman herself has bountiful experience both from a marketing standpoint and a creative one. Her clients benefit greatly from this dual level of direction. 

Ultimately, a Video Production Agency with a Creative Director, like SVG, can offer a client a more holistic creative approach than a standard production company. This guarantees the business cohesive and captivating content.