Storyboards in Video Production

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard, in the Boston video production industry, is a series of graphic images either digitally or hand drawn to represent each shot in a video. They are most commonly used in commercial videos, but occasionally they will be used for corporate videos. Storyboards, however, are extremely necessary in commercial videos, because commercials have to have every single detail planned out. A storyboard defines every shot and every moment in a video.

What can a storyboard help you do?

corporate training videoA storyboard can help you do a number of things. First off, it helps the director and cinematographer define the frameworks of the story within their resources and time limits. By doing this, it simultaneously provides structure and organization, two necessary elements in creating a video. It also helps the director figure out what type of camera/shot is needed for each scene or take. Essentially, creating a storyboard forces the director to work out every detail for the upcoming shoot, which is not only helpful, but necessary for any Boston video production company.

How do I Make a Storyboard?

Creating a storyboard does not have to be a terrifying thought. Although drawing out every little detail of every shot you wish to create may sound a bit intimidating, there are programs and apps that make this easy for you. One of them is called Storyboards. It is free, and if you are on a low budget, this will be the program for you. It works directly with Photoshop, which makes it easy to edit your storyboard on Photoshop if necessary. It’s also easy to navigate, and has lots of options so you can not only draw your storyboard on it but you can enter shot information and write dialogue. A second storyboard software available to use is called Plot. It’s about $7.50 per month, but there is also a free version if that doesn’t work for you. It makes it easier for you to add and delete scenes without copy paste, as well as having characteristics that are aimed at people who work under a deadline. If you need to finish your storyboards fast, Plot is the option for you.

Now that you’ve read all about storyboards and their purpose in Boston video production, it might be time to stop procrastinating your storyboard and get drawing!

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