Interns Tackle Professional Video

Corporate Video Production Boston

Writing, shooting and editing a professional corporate video is no sweat for professional Boston videographers like the members of the Skillman Video Group team, but for an intern, professional video production is new and challenging. For the past few weeks, myself and my intern partner Deane have been slowly creating our own video project. We are responsible for all of the stages of production including brainstorming, writing, set design, acting in the video, and post production editing. I am more of a writer than video producer, so this experience has been very difficult but also a very important learning experience!

What is a Production Script?

In early October and November, Deane and I began our research for the video. We video production serviceswanted it to be funny, engaging and unique, so we scoured the Internet looking for inspiration from the best viral videos. Personally, I looked at television commercials that were memorable to me, this includes Doritos ads for the Superbowl and Geico commercials. They were both able to create a storyline and tell a few jokes all while keeping the video under a minute and a half. This is all much easier said than done, but luckily we had an entire professional video marketing team on our side to help us stay on the right track.

What is Digital Video Production?

img_0222Over the past few weeks, Deane and I started filming our final video marketing project. Originally, I thought that writing the script and brainstorming a good idea was the hard part, but I was wrong. I had no idea how difficult and time consuming it was to position each shot and to shoot so many takes of the same short scenes just to make sure that we got it right. I have been on video shoots with SVG before, but only as a professional video production assistant, so I was assisting the clients and videographers and not in charge of actually shooting the video. Fortunately, my intern partner Deane is a skilled amateur Boston videographer and he knew exactly what to do so that all I had to do was say my lines with feeling and follow instructions.

Deane and I are still in the midst of shooting our video and we are excited for the final stages of production! Our video is a spoof on a scary movie trailer, so rather than long extended scenes with dialogue we are filming short vignettes that piece together to tell a larger story about ghosts and using keywords! Stay tuned for the final product…

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