SVG Video of the Week: Frito Lay “Crash the Superbowl” Video Contest Winner

The Video of the week is an advertisement for Doritos that aired during Super Bowl XLV and tied for first place in the USA today admeter, which consists of a selection of consumer panelists who rate the superbowl ads. What makes this commercial unique is that it is a fan made video, entered into the annual Frito Lay “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. In this years contest, thousands of entries were made, and only six (Three for Doritos and Three for Pepsi Max) were picked to air during the big game. In doing this Doritos was able to score a top ad without spending a ridiculous amount of money on special effects or celebrities like some other advertisements that did no fare as well.

The real genius behind the Crash the Superbowl Contest is how much free marketing Doritos gets by hosting it. First of all they are able to connect with consumers by allowing them to not only create their own commercials, but also vote on which ones they think are the best. So as people watch all the contest entries online to decide which one is best, they are going to have Doritos on their mind.

Most importantly, this contest stimulates conversation. People who enter the contest will talk about different ideas for a commercial. Once they enter a commercial they will tell all their friends and family to watch it and most likely post their commercial to Youtube or create a Facebook page in order to promote the ad. It will then be viewed by all their facebook who can then pass it on to their friends and family. Now imagine thousands of entries doing this and Frito Lay has a lot of people talking about Doritos and Pepsi Max, all while waiting in anticipation to see if the entry they want to win will air during the Super Bowl!

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