Powering Forward: SVG Captures EnerSys’ Electric Milestone in Dynamic Marketing Video

Celebrating Innovation with EnerSys

When EnerSys, a global leader in stored energy solutions, reached out to Skillman Video Group (SVG) to capture a pivotal moment in their “Convert to Electric” campaign, it was clear that this project was more than just a typical marketing video shoot.

The event celebrated the 5000th truck conversion from an internal combustion engine to an electric engine, marking a significant milestone at the Atlantic Plywood headquarters in Woburn, MA.

Capturing the Moment

The shoot doubled as a live event, incorporating a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate this significant achievement by EnerSys.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of the event, SVG employed a robust array of equipment including a Canon C300, Canon 5D, and a GoPro.

Additionally, a gib was brought in to facilitate dynamic shots and captivating pans, adding a cinematic quality to the footage.

Multifaceted Shooting Approach

The day was filled with a series of interviews, speeches, and extensive b-roll capturing both the bustling activity within the warehouse and the innovative electric machines.

Each element of the shoot was carefully planned to ensure that the final video would not only highlight the technological advancements of EnerSys but also the human element behind the innovation.

The Importance of High-Quality Footage

Editing is undoubtedly a critical phase where the narrative begins to take shape, transforming raw footage into a cohesive story.

However, the essence of a polished marketing video lies in the quality of the footage captured during the shoot.

High-definition video quality is crucial as it forms the foundation upon which the editing process builds.

This shoot was a testament to SVG’s commitment to excellence, capturing every detail in its most flattering light.

Looking Ahead

The footage gathered is currently being sculpted into a compelling marketing video that aims to not only document this milestone but also to propel the “Convert to Electric” campaign forward.

The final product will showcase EnerSys’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, serving as a powerful tool in their ongoing marketing efforts.

SVG’s Commitment to Excellence

At SVG, every project is an opportunity to blend creativity with technology.

This shoot was no exception, and the team’s expertise was pivotal in ensuring that every aspect of the event was captured flawlessly.

The collaboration between SVG and EnerSys is a perfect example of how professional video production can amplify corporate milestones and marketing strategies.