The Video Ecosystem

The video world tends to get lumped together into one big category – “video.” In fact, there are four distinct tiers of what we like to call a “video ecosystem.” 

An analogy from the construction world can help us understand this better. 

DIY/ In-house Video Production
If you had a small project in your house – changing an electrical socket, for instance – you might go onto YouTube, watch a video, buy the necessary tools, and figure out how to do it yourself. Likewise, with a bit of research and the right tools, some simple video projects can be done without the help of an outside source. 

Day Workers & Handymen/ Freelance Videographer
Day workers and handymen are able to come in and do small projects in a home. This is great if you already have a very specific plan in place, and you are able to tell them all the details that they need. Similarly, with clear instructions, freelance videographers can come in and shoot simple projects. 

General Contractor/ Video Production Company
For more complicated projects, you might hire a general contractor. They have more tools in their arsenal, and they have a much bigger crew. As long as you tell them exactly what you want, they should be able to build your house. Corporate video production companies might give you beautiful videos, but it’s up to you to figure out what kind of message you want to send, and how to best present that in the video format.

Architect/Video Agency
If you’re designing a new home, and you need it to be custom-made, functional, and elegant, you would hire an architect. An architect is hired before starting a project, and what they uniquely provide is the blueprint. That’s when a professional video agency like Skillman Video Group comes in. 

A video agency doesn’t just show up and shoot video – where they provide the most value is in the learning, planning, and creative strategy that happens before the video crew comes in. And the person who provides this, who is unique to the video agency, is the creative director. 

Not every project you need done around the house requires an architect – when you’re thinking about a video marketing campaign, it’s important that you find and select a video partner that fits your needs. You can’t ask a freelance videographer to do the work of a video production company or a video agency. Do you already have a clear idea of what your needs are, or do you need someone to help discover your concept? Is this a simple project or one with a lot of moving pieces? Are you clear about what you want to communicate in your brand videointerview, client testimonial, or press release, and do you know how to make that happen?

Each tier has its own value. If you are clear on what you want and need, and consider the value add of each tier, you will find and select the right partner for you, and your video projects will be successful in the coming months.

If you decide that a creative video agency is right for your company, Boston video production company, and video agency, Skillman Video Group, specializes in videos for companies that are unique in their marketplace, have processes that need explaining, and have a story to tell. 

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