Skillman Shoots Client Testimonial Videos for Boston Marketing Firm

IMG_1355Skillman Shoots Client Testimonial Videos for Reputable Boston Marketing Firm

Client testimonial videos are a powerful tool in the modern video marketers’ tool box. As we at Skillman Video Group have said before, client testimonial videos offer a glimpse of company aesthetic and philosophy, the products or services offered, all the while featuring clients of said company who saw positive results and can testify on behalf of your companys’ validity and expertise. This type of videos’ power lies within their casual nature, the dialog format, and the fact that instead of your company toting its credentials, a third party is.

Yesterday, the Skillman Video Group assembled it’s team of Boston videographers and headed downtown Boston to shoot some Client Testimonial Videos for a reputable Boston marketing firm. There, we set up a white background, a multitude of lights to get the lighting just right, while using two cameras for multiple angles. We had the interviewer sit behind the main camera and ask questions to the various clients that were brought in to participate in the video. This gave the video a conversational tone, while only featuring the clients and not an actual interviewer.

The shoot lasted about four hours, and we managed to get plenty of great footage for the client. Now, to the editing room! Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140