Video in an Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate more online video marketing into your business strategy, utilizing video in your email campaigns is a great place to start. Although you’re reaching out to your subscribers with every click of the send button, how many of them is your promotion actually connecting with? How many are sending it straight to the trash bin? Video ads have become the most interactive way to capture the attention of your audience, and with plenty of content to consume, they’re not easy to reach without it. file000132267159

Vidyard outlines what makes video email marketing successful in this article. Careful though, not all email clients support embedded videos in messages, meaning you might have to get creative with including it. Many companies will use a still image with a play button or a gif to link the viewer to the landing site, so it’s not actually part of the email but will be more persuasive in attracting users to view it. For clients that do support video embedding, auto-play is a favored option because it calls for the user’s attention immediately, making it difficult to ignore.

You can measure how successful your online video campaign has been by tracking how many users clicked on the video and how long they watched the advertisement for. This will allow you to identify what content proves to be most successful in drawing audiences. From there, you can refine what you send out.

Your video will find its way to other parts of the web and into other people’s inboxes, meaning you can also study what generates more sharing and traffic outside of the original host. Responding to the habits and preferences of your audiences enables a business to enhance its ability to inspire interest and meet demand. Whether you’re planning a brand video or a video press release, using email to distribute your video content increases the breadth of people reached.

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