SVG on Set: Green Screen Shoot for Salt PR

(August 15, 2012) – Skillman Video Group filmed a green screen shoot for Salt PR. Shooting at the Pulse Media studio in Watertown, the shoot was executed flawlessly.

One of the primary reasons for the choice to work with Pulse Media was their green screen setup.

Utilizing a green screen in a shoot has quickly become a very popular tool for almost every kind of production.

Essentially, using a series of different settings in Final Cut (or your editing system of choice), you can replace the color of green for something else. That something can be a different background, video footage, or even a different subject, depending on how you put the shoot together.

Setting up the green screen shoot
Preparing the lighting for the green screen shoot

When working with any kind of green screen shoot, regardless of the medium the finished product will be transferred to, the lighting of the green screen (in addition to the subject) must be perfect.

The subject of this shoot in particular was a doctor at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, promoting a new service being offered for their patients.

While setting up the lighting, we noticed that there was a speck of green in this doctor’s tie – we ended up removing it.

The rest of the lighting was adjusted to make sure there were no shadows on the green screen, as well as the subject.

This gives SVG greater creative control when we move on to the editing process.

One of the most interesting things from this shoot was how SVG ended up working with Salt PR; they knew they needed to shoot in Boston and googled “boston video production” and immediately found Skillman Video Group. This is an absolutely perfect example of SVG’s ability to create effective search engine optimization.

SVG was exactly what Salt PR was looking for in a production company.