Legal Insights on Camera: Attorney Michael Delsignore’s Strategic Video Marketing with SVG

The Legal Marketing Shoot With Michael Delsignore!

Last week, Skillman Video Group (SVG) collaborated once again with Massachusetts Attorney Michael Delsignore to produce a series of legal marketing videos.

The focus was on OUI (Operating Under the Influence) defense cases in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, a specialty area for Attorney Delsignore.

Addressing Common Client Concerns

Streamlining Client Communication

The videos were crafted to address frequently asked questions that Attorney Delsignore encounters in his practice.

By creating these targeted videos, he not only efficiently communicates with current clients but also extends his reach to potential clients who are searching for these exact answers online.

Each video aims to demystify aspects of OUI law, making legal advice more accessible and understandable for the general public.

This approach not only educates viewers but also showcases Attorney Delsignore’s expertise and approachability.

Efficient Production Setup

Mobile Studio Configuration

Close up shot of Michael Delsignore!

SVG utilized a mobile setup featuring two cameras and three sets of lights, expertly arranged to ensure the highest quality visual output.

Audio clarity was paramount, achieved through the use of a mobile wireless microphone system, which captured crisp sound without any compromise.

Smooth and Effective Shooting

Having established a strong working relationship with Attorney Delsignore in previous projects, the SVG team was able to conduct the shoot with exceptional efficiency.

The day-long session resulted in five distinct marketing videos, set to enhance the attorney’s online presence significantly.

Post-Production and Release

Quick Turnaround for Maximum Impact

The videos are currently in post-production and will soon be featured on Attorney Delsignore’s website.

This quick turnaround ensures that the content remains timely and relevant, providing immediate support to viewers seeking legal guidance.

One of the key advantages of working with SVG is our ability to deliver high-quality video productions on location.

This not only saves costs compared to traditional studio setups but also provides a flexible and convenient solution for busy professionals like Attorney Delsignore.